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I attended a steel plate shooting class at Wes Thompson's Range in Lake Piru. You meet such nice people out there. This could be addicting!

I have a USP .45, a Para-Ord 14-45 and a Sig P229 in 40. I just had all of the springs replaced in the P229 for the first time since it was purchased in 1993. Which gun is the best for starting to steel plate shoot? Should I get a Glock 34 or a P226 X5 in 9mm with a fiber optic sight or should i just get the fiber optic sight for the P229? I am civilian in the Peoples Republic of California so they all have 10 round mags.

Also we reloaded 1000s of rounds of ammo as kids in a circa 1970s Rockchucker press. Is reloading jacketed bullets for 9mm and or .40 still cost effective compared to Cheaper Than Dirt? Is there a break even point calculated for buying a Dillon reloading setup with today/s prices floating out on the internet forums? I have RCBS carbide dies in storage do they fit in a Dillon machine?

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Ahhh. The old Rock Crusher days. Your RCBS dies will fit the Dillon Presses with the exception of the SDB Reloader(Smaller dies). Purchase a Dillon and you'll never look back. I don't think you save money just ALOT more shooting :cheers:

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