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Seeing the Light


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Last weekend I shot my first low light match. It also happened to be my first IDPA match (USPSA for 1 year). Because of the reduced visibility I had to really concentrate on seeing what I needed to make the shots. I didn't rush my shots or settle for poor sight pictures. I drew my flashlight from my front pocket on every stage although the ambient light was bright enough that several shooters opted to shoot without one here or there. Low and behold I had my first top 5 finish (4th of 31) and my first stage win. I've experienced firsthand the adage "you can't shoot faster than you can see." Here and there my game is coming together.

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I have found that a lot of my "mid-range" shooters actually shoot better in reduced light. I think it is due to the fact that, in darkness, there ain't much else to look at besides the sights....

In full-light, they can stare at a lot of things besides the front sight (the target, the little squirrel running across the range, et. al.).

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