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300 Blackout on XL 650 dropping brass early

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I loaded 50 300 Blk on my 650 tonight. I used the 223 powder funnel and it is working great and was very consistent. I crushed one brass and noticed a trend. The brass drops through the body bushing a little earlier than the 223 and then doesnt align in the station 1 locator, but tips over. Are you guys using a different body bushing for the shorter case?

Thinking about it now, it may be a standard adjustment of the body bushing and spring. I just used my setup that was working for 223. I may have to adjust for the shorter 300 case. Of course Im not home to look at it.

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I know this is old, but I just stopped by Dillon's retail store today and they recommended and sold me the blue casefeed adaptor for 22 Hornet. Edited, had wrong caliber listed. I use the AK funnel too.

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