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165 fmj minor


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I just chronoed some 40 minor loads for my Glock 35 today (stock barrel). I haven't really seen any minor loads for 165 here and a few people locally asked what I was shooting so I figured I would post this.

165 FMJ from precision delta loaded to 1.135 oal. 4.3 grains of tite group with CCI small pistol primers in mixed brass. 60 degrees and sunny. I may knock it down to 4.2 or 4.1.

average velocity was 876 for an average PF of 144. The load seemed accurate enough to put 5 in the upper A/B offhand at 25 without a problem. About a 3-3.5 inch group which isn't bad for me at all.

The load still shot soft but not as soft as some of my old 180 grain minor loads. The difference was really hard to tell, for me anyway. The slide felt a little quicker with the 165s comparing the loads but there was no difference on the clock for splits or transitions comparing the 2.

I will work up a load for 165 zeros that I just got for the season and post a difference if there is any.


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I have been trying to work some minor loads for my XDM40. I tried some 165s, but lost the info when I shot my chrono. Should be back from CEI next week and I have some of the loads ready to go again. They were very light and were cycling my stock recoil spring. I was working with Titegroup and Clays.

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I have always used 155 for minor.

My formula that works with just about any combination.

Develop major load with 180 grain bullet,

Swap bullet to a 155 of the same design/brand. Make no other changes or adjustments. You will come up with a 140ish powerfactor load that still functions the same and will cycle reliably.

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