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Question for the x5 SAO guys


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As I look at pics of the SAO X5s, it looks as if there no good way for a righty to avoid riding the slide stop with the strong hand thumb.

Sadly, I don't have one of these fine pistols locally to fondle for myself. Is the thumb riding the slide stop an issue? Does it require modifying one's grip?

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Well, I guess it depends. It didn't require any modifications of my grip. I shoot the standard thumbs forward grip but my strong hand thumb rides on the outside of my support hand thumb.

I did replace my slide stop lever with a stock P226 one eventually but it was more of a preference than a necessity.

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my strong hand thumb stays on top the safety lever and the tip of thumb is over the slide release. never much problems except hitting the target when i am excited like everytime the buzzer goes off. my factory trigger is to die for imho.

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