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Home made Thumb Rest


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I think I might be a little long on the front end, but without my mount/gun here with me, I had to wing it. I should have a stainless steel version finished and pics added later. I wanted to make it adjustable, but couldnt really decide on how to go about it. I originally went with the top bolt in the thumb portion tapped and was going to use it as a set screw, but it wouldnt hold under too much pressure. So, I guesstimated and just drilled and tapped 3 different positions based on how I know I grip a gun. I think it turned out well, other than the front being a tad too long. The joys of aluminum.





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I have been thinking of a few options. I have some thin metric nuts and some M4 allen cap screws and could mount right through the provided slots if the mount to slide clearance allows. Other option is to pick a good spot and drill and tap, then shave the extra length of the bolts off. Wont know till i get the gun in front of the rest and see what the best course of action is.

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I had the same concerns regarding the height while I was building this. I went ahead and made a second one out of Stainless in slightly different dimensions. One of my main concerns with building a low rest like that was that I would make it too long/tall and it would block the slide lock release. In all honesty, all I've really done is get an idea, some measurements, and wing it. If it works, it works. If not, what have I really lost? I will certainly gain the knowledge of how NOT to build one, thats for certain, lol.

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heres the stainless version. we couldnt find a small piece of SS block for the thumb rest, so i just used another piece of aluminum. went a different direction with this, plus (the pic doesnt really show the size) this is a tad smaller/shorter/thinner.


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