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A-Zone gear comp?


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Eric, Dave Pruitt designed and builds them to my knowledge. I have shot several different guns with hid comp on them and they ate extremely flat and not violent at all. We are getting a couple in to try.

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It doesn't appear to be an exact clone of the Dawson comp, but it is close. I recently put the Dawson comp on my open gun and it is now the flattest gun I have ever shot. Even if it is all in my head, the placebo effect is really awesome.


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I know Dave Pruitt recommends N350 for 38 super. From everything I have read Sil or Autocomp for 9 major.

Another option 3N38 or N105.

N350 Soft in the hand, vertical movement of the dot straight up and down

3N38 loud, flashy, dot does a wiggle fairly flat, medium in the hand

N105 Flat like Texas, but has a nice slap in the palm of your hand.

Personal choice based on your shooting style.

In the end, I liked N350, while not the flattest of the powders, the dot was extremely easy to track/time.

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