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New in Louisiana


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I've been shooting for a long time since I was a kid but I've decided I needed a new hobby so I decided to get into reloading. So far I'm really enjoying it but I'm learning that everyone has a different opinion on different loads. I figure it's like anything else...I'll read a lot, get everyone's opinion then figure out what works best for me. That being said, any recommendations from veteran shooters and reloaders is greatly appreciated. I'd like to know what resources you guys go to when you're looking for information, especially reloading. I was referred to this site by a fellow reloader/shooter and I'm finding plenty of good information. Any other suggestions as to websites, magazines, manuals? Thanks in advance for any advice. I'll post what I know when appropriate to help out as well.


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I'm learning that everyone has a different opinion on different loads.


You will find that everyone has different opinions on EVERYTHING if you hang around long enough. roflol.gif

Like you said, the best thing to do is read enough to find a common denominator and come to your own conclusion.

Everything you need to start reloading is in here somewhere but you should still get a few reloading manuals to begin with as it will save you a whole lot of searching this forum for the info.

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