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Good hand trimmer

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What brand of manual case trimmer would you reccomend for trimming small batch's of rifle brass for doing load developement. I don't need the best out there but rather something that is quick and easy to set-up and adjust. But, also something that is not a piece of junk.

For high production I have a dillon trimmer, but somethimes I don't want to break down my set-up just for a few rounds of a different caliber.


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I saw this video on youtube

RCBS Trim Pro with RCBS 3-way cutter head. Trim, Chamfer, and debur in one step. Total cost of this setup is about $150.00

so I made the same setup ,works great.

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I have the RCBS with the 3 way cutters and it's nice, I also have a Gracey trimmer and a Redding. The problem with most trimmers, the RCBS and Gracey included, is the case is stationary and the cutter turns. This is faster but not the most precise method of trimming as it doesn't always trim the case square, the case needs to turn and the cutter should be stationary so if the case is not exactly square to the cutter it will still trim square. The Redding turns the case.

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