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M&P Pro 40 OAL?


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Has anyone figured out whats the best oal for the M&P Pro 40? Im using 180 lead TCFP in the range of 4.5gr HP38 (231).

I just made a couple at 1.14 and they worked fine but im new to this and not sure if thats too short or too long.

The factory Federal I have are 1.13

Ive seen anywhere from 1.13 to 1.18

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If it runs in your gun, then stay with it. One other option you could do is load them as long as possible,,,,which means load them just short enough to fit in your magazine. If you load them too long, they won't fit in your magazine.

Generally speaking, if you load them longer, they may shoot softer and feed better. But....if you load to factory specs, and they run in your gun without any jams, then load them that way until you have time to play around with different loads.


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