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9mm Classic Small Frame Front Sight

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Hi all. I just added a small frame Classic 9mm to my EAA collection. I was wondering if anyone who has one of these if they have done any front sight work. Being part of the slide there are not replacements. I am thinking there are 3 ways to upgrade it. The standard side install dovetail, the EAA front install dovetail, and the CZ75 slot and pin method. Using the EAA front dovetail you could use a Match front sight. The side dovetail just find a sight of the correct height and cut the slot. The CZ slot and pin method a custom sight could be made to what I want. The nice thing is measuring my 2 Match's it looks like that rear adjustable sight should go in with a little fitting. I am curious to see what other people have done.


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My $.02 would be get it cut to the most common cut around, then you have more options for sights and the sight itself will probably cost less. Plus a common cut like on the 1911's gives you a better chance of getting the work done better and cheaper by a guy who does that frequently.

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Well it took some time, due to back ordered sights and dovetail cutters, but it is done. I removed the front sight and dove tailed the front slide for a Novak serrated sight. I have to say I am not impressed with the quality of the sight. The dove tail on the base was so far off I had to cut a custom front slot. The sight measured .330 wide all right but the bottom corners had .010 chamfers, making the actual dovetail .355 wide. The gun shot 6" low from the start so a new rear sight was in order. The LPA rear sight dovetail was not correct in the slide. The front angle barely touched the sight. So I re-cut the rear as well. Having done this I made a custom rear sight based on the CZ design. This shots right on now at 25 yards. I do need to re-blue the rear sight but over all it is much better than it was. Enjoy.





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