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.40 Crimp

Jody Waring

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Had some issues recently, and had some set-back of the bullet with a ftf. I am new to reloading .40 and am wondering how much crimp I should have. I use LEE dies and dont flare much which is what I also do when reloading 9mm which seems to work well for holding the bullet securely but alas here I am with a bad lot of ammo.I've read the stories of case separation in .40 so this has me worried. I am reloading for my Tactical Sport. Thanks for your input!

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Have been using Lee dies without problem. Just curious, what does the outside diameter of the brass measure after resizing. Will measure mine when I get home. I use mostly fed brass, which I think is fairly thin walled without problems. Don't think the crimping really makes that much difference as far as getting setbacks. Oh yeah, what bullets are you using and what are they measuring outside diameter. Okay measured mine @ about .418 to .419.

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