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Cleaning wax out of dies


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I have issues when I load lead bullets with wax build up inside seating die and causing issues with OAL. I don't have Dillon dies for my 38 spl, which I may end up getting. For now I have RCBS cowboy dies that I had before getting the 650, and it is a pain to pull the seating die out every 100-200 rounds to clean, then having to reset.....

Any thoughts on what you all do, and what a good solvent is for bullet lube?


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What I did before converting to Dillon dies was use a Hornaday lock ring, remove the dies without changing the adjustment and use a cheap torch to melt out the wax. Since shifting to a tumble lube I don't have those problems but use Dillon dies anyway. Just so you know you can call and order just a seating die for pistol for $25.


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