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Just got my 550b setup and running, suggestions on powders?

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I got my press in last week, finally found the time to build a bench for it and get it set up today and started running a few rounds out of it. I have to say, I'm very happy with the press so far. Set up isn't any longer than the old RCBS single stage I used to use (considering setup for each stage for both), but once t is set up, it really speeds up production. One problem... I have found that my old powder for .45 Colt, Unique, doesn't meter too well. I'm probably going to have to change most of the powders I use because I have never worried about how well the powder meters. Any suggestions for good powders that meter well for these calibers?

.45 Colt

.45 auto





Does anyone reload for rifles with this thing? I'm not looking for competition loads or anything, but if the loads are going to shoot 5" groups at 100 yards I'll just use the single stage for rifles. I usually use IMR 4350 but I know it's not going to meter well...

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A lot of people seem to have trouble with certain powders in the Dillon powder measure; I suggest checking out this post:


I haven't tried any rifle powders yet but after performing the steps outlined in that post the consistency of the throws on my pistol loads went up noticeably. It wasn't bad before but it's better now. :D

It's a cheap experiment and it may help enough that you can continue to use Unique.

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My powder recommendations, based on many decades of experience.

Ball powders meter better through the Dillon powder measures, so I will recommend ball powders and short-cut powders only:

.45 Colt - Trail Boss for Cowboy loads, Win 231 for all others. If you have a Ruger, you can load with slow powders eg. Win 296 or Herc 2400. Don't use slow powders in Colt SAAs etc! 296 meters well through the Dillon measure.

.45 auto - Win 231 - the one and only in this caliber, with all bullet weights.

.380 - Win 231, none better

.243 - no experience

.270 - Accurate XMR4350, 55gr of 4350 under 130 grain bullets - my hunting load.

30-06 - Varget for light bullets, XMR4350 for 168gr. My favorite load is 57gr XMR4350 under Sierra 168gr MKs.

Accurate XMR4350 meters better through Dillon measures than the IMR and Hodgdon's versions, even though all 3 perform identically for me.

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Have a dillion square deal B load 9 major have had two plates go bad called dillion and they shipped out new plates which I had to pay for last time it happened sent out a stainless steel at no charge.

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For your rifle calibers:

Good powders for 223 to 308 in a Dillon Powder Measure: Winchester 748, Hodgen H-335 & Benchmark, Accurate 2230, 2520, and 2015, which is a "stick (extruded) powder," but the sticks are very small so it rarely will bridge in the Powder Measure. Also, Alliant RL15 and Ramshot TAC and Exterminator.

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