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Best Option for Rimfire Steel Challenge Gun

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I'd like to give Rimfire Steel Challenge a try but with these old eyes, iron sights are not the way to go.

Way back in the gun safe I located a Ruger Mk II 5-1/5" bull barrel that is not drilled and tapped for a scope base. So here are my options.

(1) Pull the rear sight and install a Weigand No-Gunsmith mount along with a C-More Railway. The Weigand mount has a tapped piece of metal that slips into the dovetail. The mount then attaches to the block with a single screw. My concern is that this may not be strong enough long term for Steel Challenge.

(2) Have a gunsmith drill and tap the receiver for the Alchin mount and use the C-More Slideride. This should be plenty strong but is this the best move. The gun was purchased right after Ruger came out with the Mk II bull barrel (early 80's) and has less than 250 rds through it. If there is any collector value, I don't want to ruin it. If no collector value, I need to see how expensive drilling and tapping would be.

(3) Just do it right to start with. Put the gun back in the safe and buy a Mk III that's already drilled and tapped. The major problem with this would be finding Mk III magazines in stock as well as the higher expense due to a new gun purchase.

So what do you think? Other options would be welcomed.



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You already have the MkII and if it runs reliably, there's no point in complicating matters. Drilling and tapping the gun doesn't de-value it as others may or may not want it and you're only knocking out the rear sight. On the Weigand, I have it and it's okay. It sits higher than maybe desirable, but it takes less than like 10 minutes to install.

Good luck.

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My vote would go to just drill and tap the reciever on the one you have. I prefer the mk ii's over a mk iii anyway. You can disable all the bs on the mkiii but its still doen't get as good of hammer / sear engagement and you'll end up with a lot of extra crevasses to have to keep clean.

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If you really get into SC, you are going to eventually want to lighten up that barel. A Tactical Solutions barrel or similar would be the way to go. It will make it more friendly on the fast swings in SC. It's already D/T and with a mount. I would do it right now instead of revisiting it later, which is what I did and I regretted it.

Good luck!

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