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625 Barrel length

Brian Gonsalves

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Ok, I now have Two 625's both with 4" barrels. I want to leave one with the 4" for IDPA and have a longer barrel put in the other one for USPSA. The question is should I get a full-lug 5" or use the M25 barrel in the picture?



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We have a guy at a local match that shoots a 8 3/8" 45LC barrel on his. He shoots lots of A's. I'd go with the 6" since you have it. Sight radius baby!

Edit to add: Now that I think about it, I bet the 6" is equal in weight at least, remember that underlug is an inch shorter. Definitely go 6".

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:rolleyes: I thought about the 6" too. I took a pair of revolvers with 4" and 6" barrels and tried them out. I felt that the 6" barrel was a bit too heavy to swing fast from target to target and too hard to stop quickly, so I opted for the compromise and bought a 5" barrel. BTW, you can get 5" full lug barrels straight from S&W. I recently bought one and had a local gunsmith install it. I can't say that I feel that much less recoil with it, but it has improved the balance of the gun and my accuracy is improved. And I picked up another 20 fps! I'm very pleased with my 625 with a full lug 5" barrel.
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