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Mossberg 930 mag extension


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I know it is probably buried in the 930 thread somewhere but can someone tell me if the +5 Nordic tube extends past the end of the 24" non ported mossberg barrel? If there are any pics I would appreciate it.


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Photos still kick my !@#$

This is on a stock 24" ported barrel which measures 23 3/8" from the reciever to the end of the barrel.

David E.

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See this thread: www DOT mossbergowners DOT com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=906&sid=d8e556276ca491b282b3efeff625745f

1/2 way down the first page is the info you want (covers all Nordic tubes for the 930).

Keep in mind Nordic offers 3 different length end caps to fine-tune final length.

Can't post links - you'll have to cut, paste and edit - sorry

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