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Arizona newb saying hi!


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Although I was not new to firearms, I never really considered shooting as a hobby until last year. I was 41... Never too late, I guess.

After spending one year working on my aim and trigger control, I had my first run at something competitive shooting steel at Rio Salado in Mesa, AZ) last Tuesday.

Although I was a total novice, I believe I did fine, doing better on some stages than some folkds in class C or D. I know what mistakes I made.

I was such a noob, I did not even have magazine pouches, pulling the mags from my pocket. I had three brands of ammo. I was shooting too low... But always I concentrated on my aim, going slow rather than rushing and shooting haphazrdly.

Loved the experience, I will probably be back.

I use a GP6, I know it is a bit of a rare gun, but I love the trigger pull and the low recoil. I did try a few guns before settling on this one. Sure, the aftermarket is quasi inexistant and it cost me $60 for the 20-round magazine I use as #1 (I wish it was my only magazine, but I did hit a bit of dirt), but I just love it.

I am really into this... Why would I want to golf when I can shoot guns for a hobby? Please...!

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