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Shot my first SSP Classifier Today


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Well I haven't made a post in a long long while. Been busy with getting ready to graduate! Anyways, I started a controversial debate a while back as I was new in the IDPA world. Since then I've shot a few more matches, all with my 1911 in CDP division. Oh to refresh the memory, I made the topic about getting sponsored...

Over Christmas I finally received a Glock 34 I won from a shooting tournament last summer, in any case, I've shot it twice now. The first time was a steel match a few weeks back, the second was today at my classifier for SSP, in which I classified Master. So, for those who doubted, the results are in.

This post is only to clear up the confusion caused in my last post, not instigate anything. I couldn't just let fellow shooters think everyone on a forum is just some keyboard commando trolling around. :cheers:

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