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Best Dealer for STI VIP?

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I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger on my first 2011 purchase, planning on getting a STI VIP for concealed carry, IDPA, and L-10. It seems that Brazos Custom has good prices and an initial once over of the gun. Are they the best price I can find? Who do you get your stock STI from?


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Brazos and shooters connection are both great, from the feedback that's been posted. I bought my ranger 2 and tactical from Dawson Precision, and both experiences were great. The ranger was dawson tuned, and is amazing. The tactical was on sale with free tritium night sights, and shipped within a week of ordering.

Outside of price, I think it really only matters if you want work done to it in the future. Not sure about brazos, but Dawson only works on guns that he sells.

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I just ordered an essentially-stock Eagle from Brazos. First thing I've ever ordered from them. But I'd say they were very easy to deal with. Very friendly.

The gun had just arrived that day from STI. I added a fiber optic sight, trigger job and shaved down magwell (to fit the IDPA box).

All of that has added a week to my shipping date. I'm pretty happy with that.

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