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some upgrade questions


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just bought a spartan that im going to use in the new IPSC classic division and ESP, want to throw some upgrades at it but have some questions

SVI tri glide trigger, better than the regular bow?

SVI vs dawson ice magwell?

best mags/basepads to use with magwell?

anything else that is a recommended upgrade?

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If you intend to shoot IPSC Classic division, keep in mind that the magwell can not be wider than 35mm.

If you can, you'd better put the whole trigger parts from SV, not only the trigger bow. These parts, when properly installed really improves trigger pull.

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seemed to be that dawson was planning to offer a classic legal mag well, I asked in an email but apparently they haven't felt like replying in the last week

the gun already has a 3.5# pull on it so just going to replace the bow to start with

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