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STI Trojan vs. S&


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I'm looking to buy a 9mm 1911 for IDPA and informal bullseye. I've narrowed it down to either the S&W 1911 Pro Series or STI Trojan. Reliability, accuracy, and service (should I need it) are important.

I've read posts on this forum that the Pro Series has had, what sounds to be, major problems with faulty ejection. Although I would prefer stainless steel over the STI blue due to it showing less holster wear, I'd take reliability over type of finish. From what I read the Trojan has an excellent track record for reliability. I 'd be interested in hearing from those who have experience shooting either or both guns. Thanks

Dr. J

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I have a S&W SS 1911 that has many rounds down it. It has loosened up quite a bit with 50000+ pin loads down her. It is off to be acc-u-railed at the moment. I gave it a 2.5# crisp trigger and with a good fitted bushing is very accurate. Only complaint was when I tried to put a standard mount c-more on it...Because of the external extractor I couldn't use that mount, had to go with a sideways one. I and a smith could not tune that damn thing....

I shot a couple performance shop ones and I would suggest that you not go this route..I felt the triggers to heavy and they weren't as accurate as my beater...I would get a non PS and shoot it, due a poor mans trigger job and dry fire it about 10000 times....Then make a decision if it needs professional help. JMO Good luck

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Shooters Connection stocks the Trojan in hard chrome with fiber optic front sight and ambi saftey.

IMO there is not a better finish even today than HC. Corrosion and wear resistant plus super easy to clean!

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