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Name 5 weapons You think changed history

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1) Bows and Arrows

2) Multiple shot single man firearms

3) Machine guns and other subsequent automatic weapons

4) Aircraft carriers and attendant air wings

5) Nuclear weapons

Wow Gino, I think you wrote my list! +1K

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Well I would say #1 was John Wilkes Booth Derringer, hands down.

Never thought of it like that. Interesting.

Along same thought the FN 1910 .380 use for Archduke Ferdinand led to the death of about 15 million.

As for a single weapon, the nuke.

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+1 for old506 - The derringer that killed Lincoln

6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle - Kenndy

AK-47 for the number produced and proliferation

Maxim machine gun

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"Changed History" is a lot different from "changed the course of a battle", or "changed the tactics", or whatever...

My list for "Changed History"

- English Longbow (armor was no longer effective)

- Rifled musket w/ Minie ball

- Repeating centerfire firearms

- Aircraft

- Nuclear weapons

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