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The Vanek trigger- a No Go in Production

Tom Brannon

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Being new I seen so many topics about the Vanek trigger, it may be awesome-but not allowed in Production...no worrys when you know a talented gunsmith :cheers:


There has been a question recently regarding the use of Vanek Triggers in Glock Pistols in Production Division. The question is whether this is an external modification. The only thing visible from the outside of the gun is: the trigger is slightly further back in the frame due to an internal decrease in pre travel, the rear of the trigger safety is trimmed a few thousanths so that it was will still engage and act as a safety, and, I think part of the front of the trigger saftey is smoothed as well.


The Vanek trigger, much like the Speed Bump trigger, has an external modification that makes it illegal for Production division. The Speed Bump trigger has the travel screw mounted to the rear of the trigger and is visible externally, the Vanek trigger, has relocated the pivot pin about 3/16" above the factory specs, and has filled in the original hole with a black material that is still visible on inspection.

Rule Number: Appx D4 Spec


well it there are some that are legal...thanks guys...

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