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S&W 327 barrel change

SauconValley Shooter

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Good Afternoon,

The six inch 646 project has me thinking about other projects. I performed a search but did not see an answer.

I realize that a special tool will be required to remove the barrel from the 327 PD, but will a standard steel barrel from a six shot gun fit? I have read that the bore of an eight shot is a little higher in the frame than a six shot. This would then lead to problems with the extractor rod slot being out of alignment with the extractor rod.

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You are correct. The slot will be a little high of rod center (.030). It wouldn't take much to remove the spring loaded plunger for the ejector rod and mill the slot lower. The threads are all the same, just slightly different location.

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You might want to check with the S&W PC un it. I called them to inquire if I could have the same titanium shrouded barrel used on the 327JM PC installed on my 627PC and the answer was no since there was some dimensional difference.

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