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Revo suggestions/work?

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Hi Warren,

Having had a resurgent interest in shooting for the last year or so and having mostly taken care of my 1911/2011 needs, I'm getting the itch to do something to my box stock 6" S&W 586. This is the very first gun I ever bought so there's some sentimental value to keeping it and doing it right.

I was thinking of making it into an open steel/ICORE gun: C-More, lightened DAO action job, chamfered cylinder and shorter comped barrel.

I don't think I'd want to do a moonclip conversion. I think the Comp III speedloaders (that I already have) are sufficient for the occassional steel and ICORE match that I might shoot.

Two questions:

1] Would you suggest anything else beyond the work I've listed?

2] Would you be able to do the action job, the cylinder and the rebarrel?


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Hi Jon-

The main things you need on a competition gun are good sights, good trigger and quick reloads. You have the sights and trigger covered. If you are shooting .38 Special, the Comp III will be better than moon clips. For .38 Short Colt moon clips are better. It sounds like you will have a good setup. A 586 will be as good as any 686.
As far as doing the work, there are some good revo guys out in Cali though, maybe someone more local can help. I'm honored that you would ask and I wish you the best with your project. Regards - Warren

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Thank you for your reply and advice Warren.

Yes I plan to shoot 38 Special so confirmation of the Comp IIIs as the loading device was very nice confirmation.

Particular thanks for your honesty in declining new work. I'll resurrect the Revosmith topic (where I found your name) to see if I can find someone local. I am also considering Clark Custom for this work and believe that they would be a good choice.

Thanks atain.

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