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Acetone for No-Residue Cleaning of Dies, P-Measure, etc?

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Any harm in using Acetone rather than Hornady cleaner and dry-lube to maintain zero-deposit cleanliness in the "Powder Exposure Parts"?

Similar to brake cleaner it flashes-off and leaves Nothing Behind...

Also, does the Hornady Cleaner & Dry Lube help in protecting any of these parts from corrosion developing on the surface? If so, that is a strong point in it's behalf. I am kind of a stickler for no signs of surface corrosion on machined parts.

If not Hornady cleaner / dry-lube what would you recommend to treat the OUTSIDE surface of the dies, powder rotor, etc. to keep them looking new?


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Acetone would strip off any type of protective surface off the metal and probably make it corrode. Can't talk on how well the hornady works but I would suggest some kind of lube on a metal surface even if it's a sealant.

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Technically, acetone does leave a residue, but you're not making semiconductors so it's probably not going to matter. It's also an extremely good solvent and as such can strip off paint and damage some plastics. Isopropyl alcohol is gentler on things and would probably be a better solvent to use.

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