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Hi all, another new forum member, but not new to Witness pistols............I just got my fourth. I inhabit other fora but this one looked interesting, so I thought I'd join in. My latest gun is a stock 10mm, fairly dated, I think it's a small frame (like my 40) but there are some dimensional differences, so I'm not sure. My other two Witnesses are both 45's, a standard Match and a semi-custom coned-breech short slide single action gun that an EAA honcho had made up, it also came with a 9mm slide. My Match gun is far and away my favorite, but the 40 gets carried a lot off-duty, as does the shorty 45. Once I get some more 10mm mags and get more familiar with the Ten, it will also likely be a CCW gun.

I tend to keep my guns stock, but I'm always interested in what modifications others have made to their pistols, why they felt they were a good idea, and how things are working out!

Forgive me if I don't post a lot, I'd rather be reloading ammo or burning it up than sitting at a desk......I hope you understand!


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welcome John!

Sparta USPSA usually has their (our?) matches on the third Saturday of the month. We will start back up, though, on Saturday March 24th with a 6 stage classifier match. Match fee is $15. The matches are held at the World Recreation and Shooting Complex in Sparta, IL.

If you would like to be added to our email list, email me a spartaUSPSA AT yahoo DOT com .

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