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Hello from Bozeman, Montana


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Hi there, whoever may read this...

I've been shooting competitively for over 20 years, mostly high-power rifle and bullseye pistol. Couple years ago I took my .45 to a USPSA match and actually won a trophy (okay, so I was the ONLY entry in Unclassified Single Stack). I went to a few more matches here and there, culminating with the ridiculously stupid idea to shoot a regional in Open, with my 10-round SS .45 and little practice. Needless to say, I got smoked--it was a good lesson not to get too far ahead myself.

I don't know if I really learned my lesson however, since this year I'm competing in limited (different gun and equipment though). At least now I know that it takes a lot of work and practice to even make it to the middle of the pack in limited.

I hope to be much more involved, practice a LOT more, and participate in this great forum!

Thanks, and PM me if you're around Southwest Montana and would like to shoot sometime!


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