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looking for Minor 9mm 115gn Clays load


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Hey all,

I keep hearing about Clays being silly soft for a 9mm minor load, but I can't seem to find a recipe for 115 Gn? I seem to like them better than the 147s I tried, and it's cheaper to boot. Basically, I'm looking for an inexpensive and soft load that will work for steel challenge, 3 gun, etc and but nice and soft.

I want to eventually get casting or use lead bullets, but will be running Berry's or something in the mean time. Wondering what to do to work up a good load and still make minor with a nice cushion.

I'm used to Major 45s at 230gn with 3.8gn Clays, so I don't mind having a bit of recoil.

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I assume you've seen this http://data.hodgdon.com/cartridge_load.asp

the max load with 115gr jhp is barely minor. presumably with a roundnose you'd have more case volume, but I'm too skeered to go off the reservation with clay's in that situation.

N320 makes a verra nice minor load with 124gr. I bet it would work for 115 also.

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You might consider Solo 1000 or E3.

Clays is a tad too lofty for me in a progressive with 9mm. In .45, I get good SDs and ESs, in 9mm, the ES goes up pretty high and while the accuracy differential at pistol distances is not that big of a deal, it does not make me like it anymore.

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I tried some Clays in 9mm for 124gr Berry's plated bullets. I worked up a load per Hodgdon load charts that was safe on paper and just did squeak by for minor pf, but the primer cratering I was seeing told me the load was too high of a pressure. Recoil was stupid soft, though. In fact, it was too soft which caused my muzzle to dip noticeably on the second hit of a double tap. I even tried lighter recoil springs and couldn't get rid of the dip. I ended up going to Titegroup which is very forgiving on pressure when making minor pf in 9mm.

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