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9mm Major auto comp chrony reuslts

Mat Price

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First thing is I have been shooting through my chronny @ about 10+ yards. so my results always seemed slower than every one else today i moved it up to 10 feet per uspsa rules ( min ten feet to first screen )

10 shot string

7.3 grains of autocomp

124 precision delta JHP

mixed brass

1.165 oal

wolf SRP



h 1426

l 1365 ?

es 61

pf 174

5 shot

avg 1414

h 1420

l 1407

es 13

pf 175

this is out of my trubor no holes trubor t-2 comp

I am going to try some 115's and hs-6 just for grins but i really like this load. dot moves slow to the top of the lens and slaps back to center. feels soft and pretty good accuracy.

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