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How High is too High for a Bomar Sight


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Lately I've been pretty paranoid about my Bomar elevation screw snapping in half at a major match.

Before I break out the file, how high is too high for a Bomar sight to be adjusted up? (Elevation screw turned counter clockwise to raise POI)

I'll have pictures in a few hours.

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Mine is about 1 1/2 turns up from buttom on an EDGE and has not broken in about 3 years and 28,000 rounds

I have adjusted both of my 1911 game guns so the shots hit point of aim at 20 yards with the rear sight elevation screw turned HARD all the way down. The sights are bottomed out. Other than one defective Tripp K-1 sight, I've never had a problem.

Editted to add that Tripp repaired the sight and it is still going strong after thousands of rounds.

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