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Just starting up in Texas

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Hello all,

I introduced myself on here a while ago, and have been reading some. I am stationed down at Fort Hood, Tx, and really want to get into competitive shooting. I currently only have a few wheel guns, a Smith and Wesson 39 and a sti spartan .45, i don't know if i will need to get a new gun or what all i will need. I know a basic holster, some mags, mag holders, and a belt. I am wondering if it would be beneficial for me to purchase a Glock or a Smith and Wesson m and p, or any number of other guns, or just stick with the sti. I am also looking for some places to start out at. If someone could possibly get me pointed in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks much,


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Good evening Andrew,

Often recommended to new competitors is to give the sport a try with the equipment you already have. There's plenty of time to get new gear once you find the Division you wish to compete in.

Consider starting out with the Spartan, get a decent holster, a few magazines and mag carriers and you are good to go. Lots of competitions in the State of Texas.

If you are looking at IPSC style shooting, check out www.USPSA.org for match information and an online version of the current pistol rules.

Any questions, just let us know.


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Welcome to the forum.

Take a look at http://www.txipsc.net/. There is a map of all the matches in Texas(or a heck of a lot of all the matches), that was put together by a member of the forum. It has idpa, uspsa, and 3 gun listed.

Stick with the STI for now and figure out which one you are going to do, then upgrade/change to equipment more suited for that game.

Check the classifieds here and see if you can find used gear.


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You are in a good location for matches. A drive to Austin or Waco and you can shoot just about every weekend. The TXIPSC list does a great job putting all the various matches together in one spot. Get on their mailing list as well to get emails about upcoming matches, results and stuff for sale. Also, look at the Texas South Sectionwebsite for other matches. Some are going to be a bit of a drive, but others are close to the base.

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