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XS XTI Sights


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Has anyboby tried the XS XTI angle sights yet? Thanks

I have been toying around with some at a couple of local matches. I keep them mounted on the end of my rail and have them set at a radius comparable to a pistol. They are pretty good from 10-30 yards when transitioning from your scope. I no longer have to dial from 4x to 1x to engage close paper. This includes engaging mini IPSC's also.

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I have been wanting to give these a try since seeing them in a video from SHOT. Went over to XS a couple of weeks ago, and was told that they are not in stock. Called again this week, rep told me that demand for these has been unexpectedly high, and that it might be April before they have any available for sale. Looks like a less expensive option to the Dueck Defense RTS.

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