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WST temp sensitive


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From what I have read the WST is reverse temperature sensitive. How sensitive is it? From what I see I've got a 132.8PF.

Does it look like I might go under 125PF in the summer(100+)?

XD9 4inch

GAT 130gr LRN (131gr actual weight)

4.5 WST

Tula SP primers

HI. 1031 LO. 1000 AVG. 1014

EX. 31 SD. 14


Distance 10ft

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It usually drops 30 fps when the temps get into the 90's. It appears to get worse the more air space there is in the case. Since you are loading 9mm there probably isn't much.

The best way that I have found to test them is to heat up the rounds. The heater in the truck or a blow dryer works well. They need to be warm to the touch.

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