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Help with vintage Caspian framed custom


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Greetings from Lake Tahoe! I posted this under 1911s, but it looks like this wasn't the right place. So, I'm reaching out here to see if anyone can help.

I'm new here to the Enos sight (although I've been lurking for awhile). Great place.

Here's the deal, I recently acquired a Caspian framed 1911 for relatively cheap (I think). $500.

I called Caspian and they explained that my frame was made in '88 and shipped to a Curtis Custom, who was supposed to be a well known smith in El Reno, Ok.

Unfortunately, "he" is no longer with us. The frame is hand stamped above the slide area with "MLJ 88".

The gun is a nickel plated .45, and has Wichita rear sight & iron "T" front, a two port compensator attached at the barrel, Beaver-tail and a ext. magwell. The back strap has high count checkering as well as the underside of the trigger guard.

Is there anyone on this sight that may know anything about this 1911 or the builder? Or maybe a source that might? Thanks so much in advance & Happy Shooting!


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Thanks. That number is disco'd. He's been dead for quite a few years now according to Caspian. I would have loved to have talked with him. He was a regular at Camp Perry in the 80s. His work was very nice for the era.

If anyone knows how to post pics from an iPhone, let me know.

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