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Youngsters Handling Beer

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I was in the local Speedway today when a guy and his very young son walked out of the beer cooler. The dad had two cases of beer and the little guy was carrying one case as well. A store employee stopped him and said it was against the law for the boy to be handling beer.

Is it?

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In my corner of the universe, not in the circumstance you describe.

As for possession without an adult, not outside the home if under 18 (19 in Ontario).

Consumption by minors inside the home with parental permission is ok, but largely frowned upon.

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In Texas a minor accompanied by an adult can not handle booze unless the adult is the guardian. So if you wanted to share a beer with your 4 year old (in a bar/resteraunt) you could but you couldn't have your 20 year old nephew help ol Unc out by hauling a couple cases to the counter.

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