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New guy from the buckeye state


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Just wanted to say hello from the cold frigid state of Ohio.

I am new to this site(obviously), but I have been reading alot of posts on here for a couple weeks now.

I'm really wanting to get into 3gun, but I would like to shoot some USPSA matches because I know I need alot of practice with a handgun.

I used to shoot sporting clays and was very close to master class when I decided to walk away from it.

Please excuse my ignorance, I'm going in this totally blind, since I dont have any friends who are shooting these types of matches.

Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Thanks for the replies. I am from Bucyrus, Half way between Columbus and Sandusky. I know I'm gonna have to do some driving This summer to get the range time I'm looking for. So far I have found the shoots at PCSI that I'm planning on going to, since I can shoot USPSA on saturday and 3-gun on Sunday. If anyone is attending these and wouldn't mind "showing the ropes" to a rookie, let me know. Thanks guys!

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Circleville puts on a "state level" match every month, in my opinion. We have at least 3 GMs hanging around at every match.

It's only possible because we have the best volunteers I've ever seen.

Ever since I was the MD it's been "gates at 8, shooting starts when stages are built" and that tends to encourage helpers! :)

Come on out.


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Thanks guys! Definitely planning on going to circleville a couple times this summer. Hopefully I can make it to the April shoot as long as I get all my gear by then. I was looking at cabin rentals in the area so we can make a weekend out of it.

I am going to be shooting an m&p 9. I had to get the one with the thumb safety since both my local gun dealers said I better buy whatever I can find because people are buying guns like crazy. I know I could have gotten one off gunbroker but I couldnt beat the price I got mine for.

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