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Glock to CZ - Grip change?


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I recently picked up a Shadow after shooting Glocks. I have a fairly high grip and bigger hands.

For those of you with similar anatomy, how do you position hands so your strong hand thumb is on the safety and still avoid getting your thumb smacked with brass after each round fired?

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Yes, I'm left handed. Sorry.

Is there any way to tune the ejector to throw the brass upwards at a higher angle on exit?

I can't curl my thumb down enough to not get smacked and still ride the safety, even if I change my support hand grip.

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Will take a pic, I don't have one now and am not in position to take one.

However, it's not my support hand thumb that's getting whacked with brass, but rather the knuckle of my strong hand thumb. I can't curl it down any more as the top of the thumb safety is in the way.

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