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Prone to Standing on the Clock?

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On 2/24/2012 at 7:33 AM, Skydiver said:

Most USPSA course designers will design their stages that may require going prone such that it's the last shooting position. Really good designers will set things up to give the shooters options to shoot that position last, or at some other time in the CoF with a good balance of risk vs. reward.


Except at Nationals. At 61 I am bit  too old for this ;).


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Thirty years ago we were all young and every local match had at least one stage where we went prone.  Back then it was actually fun.


Now I can still go prone but getting back up on the clock is "no bueno".  


I think most of the local clubs take into account anything that turns a stage into an athletic event instead of a shooting event.  We still have the running, bending and twisting.  Just not the positions or distances that pretty much eliminate any shooter over 45.  (I've not done a survey but I'd bet the average age of competitors is over 45.)


Keep the sport fun and not painful.

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I'm only 56, so I have no trouble getting in and out of prone positions, but when I design stages I try to still make it feasible for the really elderly, or really wimpy, or really lazy to shoot the stage without getting injured. I'll make the same targets available from two different standing positions that are 10 steps out of the way, for example. It certainly doesn't bother me if stage designers don't do that, however. It's an athletic sport, not lawn bowling or IDPA. 


There are lots of folks in their 50's, 60's and 70's racing mountain bikes, or skiing, or playing hockey. They don't dumb down those sports to make it easy for people who don't stay in shape.



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