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Hey folks,

I was not sure where to post this, so I just took it to this subforum. If I was incorrect, feel free to post it appropriately.

We have an NROI Level-1 class coming-up in July. (Richmond Rod & Gun, Nor-Cal). And since we are preparing for this class, it would not take too much more to get an NROI CRO (Level-2) class going.

Would any existing Level-1 RO's in the San Fran Bay Area be interested in attending an NROI CRO class?

I have already checked with the USPSA Big-Dawg, and there are no NROI CRO classes scheduled up north for 2012...as of yet. But if y'all are interested in furthering your "edu-ma-cashum," especially in stage design and stage evaluations, let me know.

If you are looking to better yourselves, then this would be a great opportunity. As you well know, these classes are far and few in between. It will cost moolah, as well as time and a place for the class - which we at the RRGC are willing to supply in order to improve the level of our sport. (The better our RO's are trained, the better the matches and the shooters underneath us)!

Anyhoo...if y'all are interested, please let me know. It will take some prior planning, and I would like to NOT throw this at the USPSA Big-Dawg at the very last minute. He has a life as well...outside of hunting...as far as I know.

Oh...by the way...I would like to see at least 20 level-1 RO's attending this class. This is an advanced class, so let's lead by example.

Looking forward to good, positive feedback!

In Christ: Raymond

UPDATE: You will need to be a level-1 RO for one year (in good standing) and have worked two level-2 matches, or one level-3 match - which you will need to provide information for in your application.

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