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Best Price For Production Holster


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So the boss and our accountant (My wife) gave me the go ahead to purchase a new holster for my Glock 34 to be used in USPSA Production. I was looking at the Bladetech DOH but would be open to any of the others.

Where online can I find the best deal? Free shipping, extras, perks, etc?


I found the above place. Are there any others or better deals out there? Thanks.

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Get it from Shooter's Connection. If you register with them as a forum member you get a discount. Other than that they are about the same price across the board.

I ordered from them the other day and didn't know how to register as a forum member for the discount. Plus the forum was down so I couldn't ask anyone how to. Boooo.

How do I go about this.

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I was going to suggest the Ready Tactical dropped and offset holster from CPWSA.com. You made the right decision, and you'll be very happy with that holster for your G34 in Production Division.

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Thanks. I can't wait to try it out. :goof: Chris suggested the "3 Gun Holster" as it is a DOH. He had them in stock for my G34. Fast shipping and great communication. :cheers:

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