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If SF is San Francisco, not Santa Fe, or San Fernando, then don't just lurk, make sure you come up to RRGC or TASC or any of the other close by venues for action shooting and put some rounds down range!


As far as im concerned there is no other SF :D

i work weekends so attending a match wont happen anytime soon but I try to practice every thursday @ USI/DAP in concord.

Still fairly new to the sport having come from racing motorcycles for several years and never having picked up a pistol let alone fire one until 2yrs ago when a friend brought me to Jackson Arms in SSF. I am finding a lot of the same mental aspects from racing apply here as well and it is definitely cheaper than racing. :)

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We have shooters here who used to, and some who still, race bikes and 4 wheelers. They tend to agree, the adrenaline rush from shooting is cheaper than racing. :lol:

I think Reeds in Santa Clara has indoor Monday evening matches, PPC style and another version using reduced IPSC metric targets. No movement, no draws, but it's still shooting

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