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My first match


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I'm glad to say I shot my first match on Sat. I had a GREAT time and had fun doing it. I did mess up a couple times though.

1) I followed the wrong clipboard and ended up with the wrong group by accident. Since we were shooting in an indoor range, the groups were pretty close and I was quickly tracked down when it was my turn to shoot, but still embarrassing non the less.


2) I need to do a better job of getting the terms down. My time in the military hardwired me to believe that someone 'on deck' was the man of the hour. i.e. "Officer on deck" etc... So twice (sadly, yes TWICE out of 4 stages) I stepped up to the shooting box when only called 'on deck'. In my defense though the actual shooter wasn't up on line yet either time.

All in all though I think I did pretty good. Mostly I tried to just keep it as safe as I could and speed will come later.

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Welcome to the sport. Glad you had fun. Sounds like you came into the range solo, so you did not have a buddy to guide you through the process. That said if these are the worst mistakes you make you are well ahead of the curve. Keep it up and you will have many new friends, and maybe you will be able to mentor a new shooter some time in the future. :cheers: :cheers:

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So far I've only been to a few matches per year, although for a few years now. Therefore, I'm always seen as a new guy. I've played a lot of sports, and been in a lot of organizations, and I must say that the people who shoot seem to be the most welcoming and forgiving or all. Thanks!

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