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Well Im loading N320 for 9mm Minor and have a quick question in regards to a safe load. I have worked up to 4.7 and had great results today but PF is about 131 a little close my slowest round was at 125 PF exactly so want some wiggle room. The 4.7 was the best grouping I have had and some easy to manage recoil. VV max is 4.5 so wondering if anyone has gone past 4.7?

5.0grs of N320

115gr MG CMJ

1.125 OAL

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Bad idea IMO. Why exceed book loads to reach minor PF when there are slightly slower powders out there that will do the job within known safe pressure limits. Per the VV load data, the max load of 4.5 gr n320 with 115 gr jacketed bullets only has a book PF of 128. However, the max load of 4.3 for a 124 gr bullet has a power factor of 135 by the book.

If it were my hand on the line, I would either try 124 gr or even 147 bullets within published load guidelines for n320 or switch to a slower powder.

In short, if you must use n320, use a heavier bullet. If you must use 115gr bullets, then use a slower powder.

Just my $0.02 for what its worth.

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+ 1 for what he said. you only get so many eyes and fingers and most of us want to keep them.

Your experience is another reason for me to stick with tightgroup. I found accuracy under max with 124gr jhp. 4.2 grains tightgroup is snappier than I hoped for but appears to be accurate and safe. FYI same charge with 115gr is softer and pretty accurate for steel challenge. This may not be the mother of all loads but it will work for my 8lb keg and two cases of 9mm bullets (124 jhp, 115 cmj).

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I was making PF but not as comfortable as I would like and the accuracy was not their at 50ft for me not an EXPERT shot by any means. But last night loaded some HS-6 6.7gr and 124 JHP made 142PF and had a 2inch group from a rest at 50feet its a little snappy but accuracy is good and its within the max load by .2grn.

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