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Best method to shoot Polish Plate Rack?


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if you can't shoot it fast enough to clean the plates off the top or bottom before it starts spinning, then try to keep the weight balanced. As an example if the number the plates like so:

1 2 3 4


5 6 7 8

Try to shoot plates in this order 2, 3, 4 ,1 or 1, 4 then 6, 7, 8, 5 or 5, 8. That will keep the weight more evenly balanced, but them suckers do like to spin. Also once it starts to spin don't try chasing a plate around and shooting it, pick a spot and wait for the plate to come to you and shoot it.

Now all these is just what I've heard from other shooters who I respect and my own results from shooting one.

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it depends if you are shooting Open or Limited. . . . . and how good you are

Open is top right to left, then bottom left to right . . . quickly

Limited (if your not a M or GM) is top middle then bottom middle, move to the outsides left or right top and bottom. if done quickly there is very little movment,

As soon as you have gotten the hang of one the evil MD's will block one side with a baricade / no shoots or put both weights on one side with an actvator plate.

what you don't want to do is start to chase the damn thing around and around,

If it is set up with a no shoot or a vision barier try to figure out what plates need to be shot off first so it just swings downand and not around.

(if you shoot off the top and bottom on the out sides it will tend to pendulem swing and not propeler.

Now the BEST way to master the rack is to design a stage for your local match utilizing said plate rack and make sure that during your set up time that your stage works smoothly and that there are no issues between your plate rack set up and the other targets. . . .bring a few hundred extra rounds. . . do an exaustive study of your stage, . . . . over and over again. till you get it just right.

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