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9mm M&P Magazines


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Last time I ordered a group of them (5) I got mine from GRTactical. $25 each:


I did recently buy one of them from MidwayUSA which was a bit more (think they were like $32) but that was only because I wanted the Arrendondo extension as part of the order (needed one bigger mag for the very rare occasion I decide to play in Limited Minor with my M&P :)) so it was easier to just order them both from the same place

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Botatch tactical sells them for 22 dollars a piece shipped.. I don't think your gonna beat that.



I will agree that this is probably the best price...at least that I have seen, but they have a terrible history on reliability. I would rather spend a few bucks more from a more reliable source.

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I have two 17 round factory brand new M&P 9mm mags that i'm trying to part with

I live in the Socialist republic of NJ .....alas they're illegal!!!

PM me if you are interested, I'll cut you a deal!

$25 each, shipped


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