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New guy in Florida


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Hi all I'm hoping to gain a lot of knowledge from the forumns herein. I've started shooting again after a ten year gap and I'm shooting 1911's in 45 acp, 9mm and 380 acp. I'm also been reloading those cartridges since November of 2011. I'm using a Lee 4 hole turret press. I also do a little shooting of 22 LR with a Kimber conversion unit on one of my 45 acp frames. Just recently purchased a Ruger 22LR charger to have a little fun with also. Retired engineer living in Titusville, FL and when not shooting I can be found drifting the flats of the Mosquito Lagoon looking for redfish.

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There is a USPSA match the first Saturday of the month at Titusville. Space Coast Practical Shooters. Come join us always good stages and a great group of shooters. They also have a Steel Challenge match the first Sunday of the month. I live in Jacksonville and drive down to the match every month.

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