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Looking for Gunsmith in SW PA.


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I need to find a "good" gunsmith that knows about "race guns" in the SW corrner of PA. All of the ranges that I have contacted so far don't start having match's till March/April time frame, so I can't ask other shooters who they use...... I need to get a slide racker installed (bolted) on my open gun and a ejector installed in my Para that I just had plated before I came up here... :cheers:

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Gary Natale of Gans guns. He is in Farmington Pa and build great guns. He knows open guns as well as anyone. I had him build mine. took a week to build once I got him all the parts. I used it all last season without any issues. Check out his web sight Gansguns.com. You will be glad you did.

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He just shipped my open gun short block today. Did you get a chance to check it out? It only took 3 days. Does the man ever sleep?????

Nope... I had to get back to work...

BUT... I did get a email at 7:10 AM telling me that my gun is ready for pickup... :bow:

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