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Safety area question


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Hi folks,

some question about safety aera:

1) We can use (safely and unloaded) our gun in the safety area, but can we let the gun there and go (if we have enough confidence in our co-shooter of course)?

1.1) If yes, how? Slide locked open? slide close, hammer down? Slide closed, hammer cocked?

1.2) Can we leave it with a mag inserted?

2) Can I go (or be) out of Safety area, with an Unholstered gun (wait, read until the end), but locked gun, mean a with trigger lock device or a locked safety cable padlock going trough the gun (finaly, an not working condition gun)?

I forgot to ask these question in my Black Badge training...

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I would say

1 yes

1.1 it realy dosnt matter other than pointed in a safe direction(into back stop)I would leave it either hammer down or slide lock to avoid any questions.

1.2 yes but it had better be empty, also I would not leave the mag in just to avoid questions.

2 No out of the safety area gun must be holstered or bagged/boxed.


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... you may carry it away in your holster.

Based upon 5.2.1, 10.5.1, and this ruling, I personally wouldn't do this, nor would I mention it as an option to another competitor (not even if it was my direct competition at a big prize match).

To me, Jim's quote states that it would be fine for one to walk away from a safety area while holding a holster in which was a handgun (which doesn't comply with the above cited rules). If I misunderstood Jim's position then I offer my apologies, but clarification may be helpful as others could misunderstand too.

Basically, what Mike said this morning (hi Mike!).



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Poor choice of words on my part. You CANNOT carry the holstered gun off in your hand. I should have said you can holster it up and wear it away from the safe area.

Thanks Jim,

I had hoped/expected that you meant this - I just wanted to state it more clearly, and with citations so a reader could verify.



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